The seasons are changing. We fade from warm summer nights to brisk fall evenings. Before we know it the rain alters its  state, freezing into delicate snowflakes. Bringing with it harsh winters, shorter days and stressful situations.

How similar are the shifting seasons to those in our lives? Nothing ever stays the same for long. We try to bunker down. Halt a moment. Stay in a comfortable, pretty place. Peaceful. (It never works-by the way.)

One day we look back and reflect on the “where we were” and “what used to be.” Sometimes the “what should have been” dances into our memories. 

How silly. The idea that our lives parallel the creation of the universe. 

Although, there’s no way real way to ultimately control the elements around us, both in weather and in life, is there something we can- In fact- control? 

We can control the relationships we allow near to us and cultivate the healthy ones. We can control our work ethics and attitudes in those environments. We can allow purpose and peace to surround us in the music and media that we allow to penetrate into our ears and eyes. We can be the promoter of joy to each and every person  that we encounter throughout our day. Think about it, how often have you needed a smile, a hand to hold a door, a friend to ask how you are -I mean really are? Instead of waiting for someone else to be that person, won’t you?  

 It’s time to take hold of what we have the ability to grasp and declare with firmness that our jobs and setbacks and failures will not define us. Those things are not our identity. Maybe you regret who you were, what choices you’ve made in your past, what hurts you’ve experienced or caused, but you have this opportunity right here and right now to turn your perspective from what “once was” instead to “what is to come.” 

Lean into the shift of the coming season. Focus on the positives of what we can change for the better in our lives and allow opportunities for positive purpose that might await around each corner. There’s no time like the present for a change. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi