Uncertainty looms in the atmospheres around. We gather and prepare for situations unlike any before. We look to our news channels our social feeds, our neighbors and families for feelings of familiarity, for safety, for surety.

What is fear? What is that tickle inside my being that thwarts any sense of ease and peace. The facts surround us with the collapsing sense of normalcy inside each of our homes. Our schools are shut down, many jobs evacuated, quarantine becoming the status quo as we grasp at straws for the end of this season that is seemingly nowhere in sight.

Where do we turn? Whom can we trust? What happens next? All valid concerns that I hear my mother-friends whisper over telephone lines and constant text messages…all with hopes that this is just a really bad dream.

But when we awake, to the same collapsing structure and worsening health scenarios, the looming and ever-growing statistics and numbers and factors that try to determine my level of stress and anxiety? I will choose hope. 

I will believe in the greater good that has not yet escaped our warm homes. I will choose to alter my view of unforeseen homeschooling as ample time to pour faith, hope, and love at greater capacities into my children, not only in word but also in deed. I will anchor my thoughts in the positivity that flows from living room dance parties and kitchen science experiments as the next few days flow into weeks, and dare I wonder…months. 

Hope is the anchor that holds us into place in these uncertain times. Stand firm in the fires of the unknown my dear friends. Hold tight to the truths that are always found within the walls of our homes, pour energy into the nurturing of the little ones who need you to be safe and secure even when everything around us exposed to virus is not. And remember…there is always light to be found inside of the darkness. 

{Are you or a loved one experiencing the effects of the widespread pandemic known as Coved-19 or Coronavirus? Here are the pregnancy help center, we are aware of the repercussions that our local hospitals and cities are experiencing in the Mahoning and Trumbull counties. We lend our hearts, thoughts and prayers to anyone experiencing the unknowns and stress of this situation. Our center is open with limited testing options right now. Please, let us know how we can help in your options discussion for unplanned pregnancy. Stay safe. Stay Healthy. We’re in this together. #KnowYourOptions }