Akron & Youngstown Pregnancy Help Center Motherhood. Post

This beautiful structure of life that reminds us how resilient and resourceful we really are. 

Mom? I hope your Mother’s Day was a little less chaotic than everyday life. I hope it brought you (at-the-very-least) a few moments to soak in some rest in the middle of your reality. 

Before motherhood, I was certain I was created for this position. You know? The one where you wake up to a snuggly, squishy face and soak in the cuddles for the better part of a day. My children would sleep, and I would be rested; their clothes would be matched and ironed. 

Before motherhood, I knew I was patient enough to handle the temper tantrums and sleepless nights of teething and fevers. I knew I was strong enough to handle ER visits and antibiotics and broken bones. 

Before motherhood, I knew my children would read books early and be the wisest in their classes. I knew we would have a bond like no other. I would make it to every school meeting. I would be the primary source of their educational needs and be sure to cultivate their little brains.

Before motherhood, I would breastfeed exclusively. I would never feed my growing children in the car for just a few minutes of quiet or give them fast-food. I would only provide the best of nutrition that only I could provide. 

Before motherhood, I just knew I would be the best mother. 

And then something happened. I became a mother. 

After motherhood, My own goals became stressors as I realized I couldn’t function very peacefully on little to no sleep. My babies didn’t always wake with sweet snuggles but instead they were more like me…grouchy and restless and needing baths and changing. Their clothes still match sometimes, but I’ve learned that it’s actually ok to let go a little. 

After motherhood, I found myself more often than not in repentance for my bad moods or my temper-tantrums. I worried more over fevers and teething as my babies cried relentlessly through the nights more than I ever anticipated. I cried on car rides both to-and-from hospital visits as I wondered, was I doing the best for my baby? 

After motherhood, I read as many books as my babies would allow and eventually walked them into school buildings where the torch of education was handed to their trusted teachers. I became a working mother, and schooling wasn’t as easy as I once hoped it would be. I leaned on their educators to fill that role. And that was ok. 

After motherhood, I realized that my baby was fed by whatever means I could provide, and their belly’s were happy. I put down the warfare of choosing sides with friends and encouraged other mothers to do what is best for their own family. And yet again, I’ve learned that sometimes, our hardest critic is the mother in the mirror.

After motherhood, I learned that I am the best mother for my children. And so are you. 

You were chosen for the role of motherhood that you find yourself in right now. Whether biological, adoptive, family raising family, foster… your children are in your care for a purpose. Raise them with your conviction and your wisdom and your truths that have been poured into you for this very moment. Look into the faces of our future and pour love into their little souls. Realize that not every detail matters like love matters and speak life into the adults that they will one day grow-up to become. And one day, not too far from now, they will tell you just how:

“You are the best mom in the whole world.”

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