Akron & Youngstown Pregnancy Help Center F.E.A.R. Post

FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real.

Except, when it is real. When what we’re most afraid of is what actually happens. When that diagnosis we were most unprepared for becomes reality. When Covid-19 shows up in your family and you’re quite sure this is going to be the end. When that sudden loss of life in your neighborhood hits entirely too close to home. When the child in your life is the one affected by disease and leaves this world much before her time… The answer to so many questions just seems to be….why? And we’re just sitting here…waiting impatiently for the other shoe to drop. 

Is Fear the objective? To live in fear with the total absence of hope and life? Allowing fear to control the situations in our lives is to let anxiety and depression create a corner in our hearts and minds to root and take stronghold. To let fear fester will only allow fortresses to be torn down and building blocks to be broken. Fear is not our friend. Rather, fear is leading us to the slow death of failure. 

To understand fear is to contradict that which is safe. Fear: the monster that’s only aim is to control  and consume us. Devour. It speaks to us like a friend, reminding us gently of what could always go wrong.It whispers into our ears in the quiet of the night reminding us to pay attention to the problems of this world.  “What if you get cancer and die? What will happen if I lose my job or we lose the house?” What about our current state of the sick world? We’re overflowing with statistics and conspiracies and racism pain inside of our country? “Make sure you read this article on social media today, my friend. It will inform you of everything that is sure to scare you. Don’t forget to turn the television on tonight and catch the evening news. You won’t want to miss the whole world burning down around your safe little town.” 

The voice of fear will only amplify when we give credit to its words. We must listen to the voice of Wisdom, to the truths that are found inside every lie. To the root of every problem and not the noise surrounding and illuminating them. 

There is so much to lose to this life of fear. So many things to consider and ponder and waste hours of healthy energy over. Let the world live, and in this world, be found whole and productive in your life. The hours we waste don’t return. The anxious thoughts and consuming fears that are planted don’t sprout change or bear healthy fruit, only destruction and defeat.

And when we are lost in the fear that desires to deeply to destroy us it is then that we must remember: 

Where there is darkness? There is Light. 

Where there is sadness and loss there is also Hope. 

And Where there is fear? Let there also be faith. 

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