Akron & Youngstown Pregnancy Help Center Noise Post 

So much noise. I wake up in the morning to the sounds all around me. The children waking, the cars on the road, the news stations harping on what seems like “the end of the world” crashing down right outside my front door.

Do you ever get tired of it? Do you ever just crave a few moments of peace and quiet and stillness just long enough to hear yourself think? 

We live in a world of constants. At every turn something is vying for our attention. Social media, billboards, radio, phone calls…The noise is almost so loud sometimes it feels like it’s all too much to bear.

When I find myself in the carpool lane, in the Dr’s office waiting room, or sitting on the couch in the late evenings, it’s difficult to drown out the silence with all of the days noises drumming through my ears.

If I had to place my finger on it? It’s almost as if we haven’t figured out the art of how to Be Still. 

Being still doesn’t always mean we have to sit on a yoga mat and find inner peace (though, I will admit that is quite often a calming place to begin.) To be still doesn’t always look like being alone or locking yourself away in a quiet room, because -let’s face it- that isn’t always possible. Being still can be a process that looks different to every person, yet for the sake of sanity and peace? We must re-learn the practice and art form that is to Be Still.

When you wake in the morning? Don’t reach for the smart phone. Instead, open the blinds. Make your bed. Grab your morning coffee and sit in peace as the sun rises or the kids play. Be present. 

When the afternoon slump hits? Browse out your office window or car window for a few moments. Absorb the beauty that nature has waiting for us. Listen over the traffic for the sounds of the birds and the kids playing nearby. Soak in the warm sunshine or the drizzly rain and enjoy the peace that is present in the simplest of moments.

As the evening turns to dusk, consider the stars. Watch the night sky for the wonder and awe that is created for our viewing pleasure. Seek out the shooting stars and make a wish for what your heart desires. Sometimes being still and enjoying the moments that we once cherished in our childhood will restore rest and bring the peace we need to rise and do it all again.

So when you begin to hear all the noise inside your mind? When the lights and the sounds and the chaos of this life all start to feel like a little too much to handle? Practice the art of being still. Remember: there is so much more to this life than the craziness that we create. And enjoy the little things, after all, they are the big things!


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