Akron & Youngstown Pregnancy Help Center Dear Dad, Post

Hey Dad?

I know you don’t think you being here matters much. I know you think you don’t have much to offer in the way of raising kids, but I don’t think that way.

I see you go to work every day, even at night sometimes, I see you tired and worn out on the couch. I know you’re sore after working all day, and you still get down on the ground to wrestle with us. I really love those days.

I never get to see the money you work so hard for, but I see our fridge that’s full and my lunchbox filled with all my favorites. My bed is warm and my new clothes make me feel like the coolest kid on the block.

Mom says to thank you for all that you do, and sometimes I forget to remember that our home is safe because you make it feel that way.

I think it must be easy for some dads to walk out the door and not look back. I know I fuss and fight and drive you crazy when me and my sister aren’t very kind to each other (or you.) But I’m really just learning how to be a grown up and stand on these two feet of my own. I’m sorry for that temper tantrum, Dad. I’m working on it.

When I see you come home and hug my mom every day, I see the love in your face. I don’t always like to share her ,but I guess that’s the way God made it to be. I hope somebody treats me that way when I grow up. I hope somebody dances in my kitchen with me like that too. It makes my heart happy. Thanks for showing me what true love looks like…even when you and mom kissing grosses me out.

When I see you leave early on Sunday to serve in the community, I wonder why you wouldn’t rather just sleep in? I think it’s because you said “it’s the right thing to do,” and I hope someday I can do the right thing too even when it’s the hard thing.

Dad? It can’t be easy to give up all the fun things you liked before just so you can take me to ballet class, but I love my new tutu more than anything, and can’t wait to show you my dance at recital. I hope I make you proud.

I know it can’t be easy to be a dad. Mom says you carry the world on your shoulders for us, but I want you to know that I think you have the strongest shoulders in the whole world, Dad. And sometimes they’re my favorite place to sit and see the world.

Thank you for being the Dad you didn’t have to be.

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