Do you find yourself hoping for more? Do you hope for more money in your bank account? Do you hope for a new beginning, a resolve to the previous ending in your life? Do you hope for things to calm down or things to stir-up?



How about hope for your kids? What do you hope this world offers them? What do you hope for the community around you, for those stuck in routine and anguish? What do you hope for the ever-revolving world we live in?



Webster’s Dictionary tells us that hope is: “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”



Let me take this one step further.
Did you hope for that pregnancy test to be positive…dare I say…negative?



Did you hope for a false truth, that perhaps it was wrong and that calendar date nine months out from now wouldn’t be real or even come- to-pass?



Do you find yourself lost in the hope that everything will change and be better, be fulfilled, be joyful in the crumbling walls around you…or your relationships?



Hope can so often feel like a nonsense ideal in the difficulties of our lives. It can feel fake and hollow as we seek something, anything, to cling to when nothing around us makes any sense.



Why should we hold on to something unseen that may or may not provide the outcome we so badly desire?



Hope is a living breathing entity. It provides a substance to our souls that we cannot see or touch but is felt within our hearts.



Hope is not reaching out and wishing on stars or dreams that can fulfill themselves, however it is the indwelling of a greater source of strength that points us to an everlasting Truth.



Be excited in hope. Dare to dwell on the desires and passions created within you for a greater existence. Do the hard work of investing in healthy relationships, fruitful companions, and wise choices. “Hope does not put us to shame.”



Look forward to better days ahead, to the help that you have at your side. Expect a joyful outcome for the little child unexpectedly inside your womb. Provide a safe haven of hope for he or she to dwell within.



Reach out to those around you in difficult situations and offer them the same promise of hope to fulfill their hearts and souls that you have found yourself.



And don’t ever let go of the source of the Hope, after all… how can we ever get to better days without it? Be sure…



“If we hope for what we do not see…we wait for it with patience.”





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{Sources: Romans 5:5; 8:25}