Spring is just around the corner. And by corner, I’m quite sure that means at least two more cataclysmic snow storms, a few more weeks of below thirty-degrees and, at best, another month of winter boots and coats. {Just around the corner though!}



What else is peering around this year at us? Last year, it was an inevitable, national shut down. 2021..can we not? 



Sometimes it feels like things just need a little change,  a minor shift, an alternate route from the day-to-day {groundhog} routine. Can I ask you something? I want you to look back to one year ago. It’s ok. Bring it back for just a minute. The good, the bad, the fear, the unknown…for a split second, everything around us was shifting. We didn’t know what the rest of the year would look like. We didn’t know if we were all going to our impending death by virus. Our lives were tumbled upside down. 



Was it a bad year for you? Dare I ask, was it a good year? If I’m being honest, it wasn’t terrible for me. Lots of blessings poured out over the year that will always burn in my memory as “Covid.” But still, so many good memories overtake the bad. 



So here we are. I can’t help but hold hope in one hand and a little bit of unknown in the other. I’m not sure what this current year holds for my family, our country, this world. I have no crystal ball that reveals the future – though I’m  quite sure many have tried. 



What I do know is…in the times when it felt like everything was falling apart, I kept looking forward. I kept focus on the ambitions, the dreams and the desires that were forged deep inside my soul and written on my heart long before the year of the virus. Sure! I had my moments of meltdown like everyone else, but at the end of every day, I found myself in the pursuit of what I knew to be pure and true. 



Isn’t that the stuff real dreams are made of? Isn’t chasing your hearts desires and accomplishing your goals and facing hardship in the grit of it all exactly what integrity is made of? 



We’re in a new year. Fresh start. New challenges and new adventures may await us at any corner. Think of Spring, it’s just around the corner…but we’re probably not going to make it there without a few cold spells and a couple frigid set backs. 



Don’t let it stop you from putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t quit moving forward in the mundane of every day. Let yourself dream, and then go chase them! The investment you make for your future will be worth the bumps in the road you travel today. 



“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter. “ 



{Dwight L. Moody}

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