Akron & Youngstown Pregnancy Help Center To Mom: Post

Dear Mom,
Take a second. Look around. Listen.

I hear the kids fighting in the next room. I see the laundry over there in half, color- coded piles…endless. I see the dishes mounting and the growling tummies and the daily packed lunches. Balanced some days and not-so-much the next.

I see the work load rolling over on your desk and the relentless files in your mind repeating your schedule and your agenda that just. won’t. let. up.

I see your checkbook and the bills piling, stacking themselves over-there on the counter.

Mom? I know you feel like you’re failing, I know it feels like every day you are surely ruining these little humans who just take and take and want and crave. I know you don’t think you’re making any difference in this home, in their lives. I know that you question your efforts and exhaustion every, single day.

But Mom? I’m here to remind you that You are doing AMAZING.
That raising tiny people in this 21st century, global pandemic with the world around us on the verge of civil unrest is {by far} the hardest job on this planet. And you? Are crushing it.

Those fights between siblings are the first opportunity our kids have to solve and resolve their real world issues.

The dirty laundry means their sweet selves are covered and clothed, not just with warm cloth, but cloaked by your precious love.

Did you know those dirty dishes mean their bellies are fed and their bones are growing?

Those bills are just a reminder of the world you are working so hard to provide for them and prepare for them. They don’t define you. Money doesn’t give you or your babies worth.

That work load is the way you show your service to your family and the world. Your priorities are right on track. Use that agenda. Own it.

Those little ones who cry out in the night are just so very happy to see that groggy face walk through their door in the midst of their dark night. You represent their Safety. Their Security.

So Mom? Don’t let the world around you depict what your home isn’t. Don’t look at all the pretty pictures of the big homes and the clean kitchens and the empty laundry baskets and think those people aren’t hiding their own messes behind the scenes. Don’t worry about the world they are growing up in, but rather, continue to prepare them well for the days that we live in now. Their timely arrival in this era was not caused by chance, after all they were born “For such a time as this.” Take care of the heart and home that you have. Hold those children and give them love the best way you know how…and the rest will fall right into its natural place. A wise woman once said:

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Mother Theresa

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