To the girl who didn’t mean to get pregnant. 

To the woman who didn’t plan to carry a baby she never wanted to have. 

To the one ashamed of the positive test or the two pink lines terrified of what this changes, forever…..This one is for you.

I see you as I cross the street. The mom with the belly- no ring on her hand. We exchange a glance as you look at my children and back at me. I’m not judging you. I’m sorry if the others do.

I see you with your hand on your growing stomach, wondering how other people will treat your child. You think we don’t care. You think we’re angry at your choice. But we do care. We want to tell you that we’re proud of you. You made the hard choice. 

I see you standing up to that baby’s daddy. Owning up to the decision you’ve made. That must’ve been the hardest choice to make on your own. Your baby can’t tell you now, but that little one will look back at you with love in its eyes and remind you of just how very right you are in this moment. 

I know it’s a struggle doing it all on your own. Sleepless nights and endless crying. Constant chaos. The life of motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Do you know how strong you are? 

You are a fierce warrior clothed in sweatpants and messy buns.  You are an angel to the child in your womb. That baby knows your voice, your rhythm, your protection. That child knows your love.

Do you ever wonder if choosing life was the right choice? Do you worry about how you’ll make ends meet and how you’ll provide bottles and diapers? This is how. You do your best. And then you let us help. 

Can you sense the concern for your infant and what it means to bring an unexpected little one into this big, wide world? Mama, look at your belly. Feel the life kicking inside you. You are that little one’s only world. They are counting only on you. 

Have you watched the heartbeat flicker across that little monitor? Have you seen the life that your wonderful body has cultivated? Isn’t it miraculous? Joyous! Exuberant! 

Hey Mom? I know you didn’t plan on any of this. I know that test wasn’t the answer you wanted to see. I’m sure you were terrified to even consider keeping that little soul, but you did. You chose your child. You chose Life. You chose to Love. There is no greater gift you could ever give! 

You are doing it, Mom. So when I see you crossing the street with your baby belly, no ring on your hand or father in sight, I want you to know I choose you and your baby. I am cheering for you. 

I see you choosing the path of life for your child when their own father didn’t stand with you. I want you to know, I lock arms with you, and that we are in this together.

You are doing it, this hard job, relentless and inspiring and exhausting job, but fulfilling job. The work that is mundane and chaotic in the same breath, you are crushing it. 

Keep your chin up mom. Your little one is counting on you. You’re all they’ve got. And when you need someone to lift your chin for you? When the days are long but the years are short? Give us a call. We see you. We’re here for you. We want you to know…you have options. 

Are you in need of pregnancy help? Have you been caught unexpectedly by a positive test? Have you experienced an abortion and need to chat with someone about your feelings? We’re here to help! We are a fully-staffed, free clinic located HERE in Youngstown, Ohio. Conveniently situated near St. Elizabeth’s Hospitals main and Boardman, Ohio campuses. You can reach us HERE to schedule an appointment online. Let us know how we can serve you today!