What is this season of waiting and what exactly is the (unseen) purpose? Often in seasons of waiting I find myself in angst. Unsure of how to calmly and peacefully sit in what feels like an endless cycle of wondering: what’s next, where to go from here, what exactly is the next, right thing?

Our world today doesn’t allow for very much time frame in the  waiting game. We bounce from one social media to the next hot piece of technology to the next, best thing. Actually, when I step back and notice the connections…houses, cars, jobs…they all seem tied together with the same, greedy ribbon of money. Is our inability to slow down to pursue patience perhaps riddled by an unseen love of money? Why can’t we just be happy with what we have? I’m a firm believer in the opinion that if you cannot practice being  happy with a little, you will never be happy with a lot. 

However, it isn’t just in the physical mindset that we find the task of waiting to be difficult. Waiting can relate to an unknown. When will my prince charming show up? When will I be able to carry a baby of my own? When will this disease I am cursed to bare be cured? When will life be better? 

I think we tend to distract ourselves from any form of waiting period. We require instant gratification for the things we desire and have our groceries and household items delivered to us almost immediately upon request. These things have been a blessing to me more than once, but if I’m honest, I find myself in unsatisfied waters when things unseen are also unknown and therefore, I must wait. Can you relate?

What am I doing with my life, when the world tells me I am not enough, when my job isn’t enough hours or my house isn’t fancy enough or I wonder…what’s next? I must stop myself from wandering too far. I take my thoughts captive.

You see, I don’t need to always know what’s coming down the path. I want to be prepared and ahead of my game, I like surprises, just not the kind that come in the form of unexpected bills or set backs. 

BUT. If I can see every blessing before it arrives, every new friend that would merge on my journey, every goal to be achieved before I arrive at its desired time, I might miss out of the beauty in the blessing and forgo the magic of that intended moment. 

When we forego the waiting we may find ourselves in wandering. For now, we must relearn the art of patience. Because in the practice of being still, of waiting in our wonder and pursuing peace even in the chaos that the world calls us too, we will find the joy and hopeful future with purpose that was intended for our weary souls. 

We need not be called into distraction anymore. Come and rest. Learn to Be Still. Only then, will you Know.

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