Tell me something. Tell me why we are so afraid to linger in the lonely phases of life? Tell me what is so scary about being lost in the lonesome that we grab on to the first thing that reaches out to us, or that we chase after? I’m talking to us, Girls. I’m speaking out to the wounded hearts, the broken souls and the weary lovesick women among us. I was you. I feel you. I know you.

The truth is: we were created for companionship. True Friendship is -very often- the tie that binds us together and the salve that mends so many of our seeping wounds. But here I find myself watching friends and acquaintances weaken their moral standards for the sake of a good time. We let loose and tell ourselves we deserve it, we can handle it, it’s nothing. When in reality, it’s everything. 

Dear Friend. I understand how sorrowful, how bitter, how angry or lost on love you have been. I get it. To be broken, betrayed or belittled, to wonder why love is so dang hard? It really makes no sense. But after all, when we break it down, love isn’t from the brain; it  isn’t logical; and it shouldn’t make sense. It won’t complete what it never intended to make whole.

From a friend who was once broken, my heart beaten and bruised; Often found in confusion of who could every love a soul like mine? Only One true Man can give that kind of love. Sister, don’t seek the satisfaction of relationship with all that you have. Do not chase after or give yourself over in body, mind and soul to any person who cannot deem you worthy of healing and wholeness in your own identity FIRST. I know it sounds like a a broken record stuck on repeat, but listen closely; man will never complete you. Man will always disappoint you. Man will always let you down. Not because men are terrible. Not because there’s a few bad apples in the bunch or a couple rotten eggs in the hen house (though this is true.) No, not all men are terrible. But your ability to find completeness will never be found in another human form. 

Do not confuse my honesty for belittling. Relationships are a beautiful source and reflection of our service and commitment to each other—when they are healthy. When WE are healthy first. Don’t allow the source of your joy and strength to come from another human that will -at some point- need to be made whole and healthy himself. 

A good man will wait for you. A good man will encourage you. A good man will pursue and protect and promote  your healing and hope to spring forth from an eternal and healthy source.

So until that time comes, hold on. Hold fast to the unwavering promises that you are worthy. You are cherished. No matter the dirt roads you may have walked or the bruises and scars you possess, it is never too late to anticipate better for yourself. You are never too far behind to catch up. Only you are the one who can expect more for your future.

Sister, expect more. Expect healing. Expect hope. Expect Peace and Everlasting Joy.

Darling, You are worth far more than rubies.