In the Darkness. 

There is Light.

Where do you go when the darkness is closing in? What is your medication, your source of strength when the walls are caving in on you? What moments in life have brought you to your knees in anguish and fear and dread? The moments that hurt you to your core and cause reevaluation of everything you know to be true? There are moments where the waves crash in and around. Where do we turn? 

There will come days that are dark. There will be moments that wake us from our slumber, dead of night, to rearrange our thoughts and hopes and steal the joy from within us, like a thief in the dark of the night.

The truth is that this world offers us so much pain. There is no shortage of uncertainty, no limits on the fear seeking to devour our pursuit of peace. But there is another way.  

Where there is darkness there is also light. Where there is pain there is also peace. Where there is anguish there can be rest. 

I hate this world. I hate the pain that creeps around the corners waiting to captivate our souls and destroy our minds, hearts, souls and bodies. But in all of the chaos that the world has to offer, we can seek the Mighty Peace that enables us to walk on those troubled waters. We can find moments or glimpses of the other side, of joy and Love that is a better medication to our hearts than anything this world has to offer. No amount of pleasure, or taste will satisfy this soul. We simply must Draw Near and ask. 

Where do you find yourself now? Are you in a moment of peace? Are you in a situation of anguish? Do your thoughts keep you from rest while fear lives on your doorstep?

 There is another way. 

Where there is darkness there is also light. Where there is fear (false. evidence. Appearing. real.) there is hope. Where there is anguish there can also be peace.

In the state of this world, nearly post-pandemic, we can reflect on the pain and concern that overruled so many of our lives. We can look each other in the eyes and say, “we did that.” We can take the stress out of our souls and find  sufficiency that calls us by our name. We can pick each other up with our words and our service to each other and lean into the purpose that your life is waiting to fulfill.

Don’t give the darkness two more seconds of your time. Do look for Light inside of your pain. And when you aren’t sure where to go with your uncertainties? You can come to us. We are here to help. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only Love can do that.” MLK Jr