Take a minute. Take a breath. Sit one second and visualize how far your life has come to get to this day.

Where do your memories and your moments take you? 

What roads do the choices you’ve made lead you down? Are the roads paved and gentle to your travels? Do you avoid any chance of conflict or even resolution?

Is your road cracked concrete with bits of your past peering through? The weeds of your life rear their ugly faces just long enough to throw you off course. 

Perhaps the road you travel today is painful like coarse gravel under your barren feet? Does it pierce your tender skin and scrape the soles of your heart? You bleed inside from the pain you carry.

Often times we take for granted the importance of the ordinary moments we have created. Our historical moments hold a piece of our present. They lead to us to the person we have become until one day we realize we have a choice. 

The choice to recreate the path that we wander; the choice to change our circumstance and the choice to become better or worse than the person we were only yesterday. 

Ive seen too many young people buried believing their lives were only just begun. Too many futures stolen and families broken to the promise of a life ahead that was never really given. Alcohol, drugs, cancer – all thieves that come to destroy the holiness we hold in our breath that was never ours to begin with. We breathe in life, If only for a little while. 

I ask myself when I’m caught in a routine that seeks to steal my joy, whatever season I’m in that begs to rob me of my hope, what must I change to elevate my options? Maybe the past has a hold over me that claims to already own my future.

I want you to imagine yourself in my past for a moment. Once involved with a man who crushed my spirit. He broke my heart and provoked hopelessness. Confusion became my daily routine. Holding on by a thread only lasting until the thread eventually snaps. But one day I woke up to the realization that there were choices to be made. I was the owner of my choices and circumstance. That living in agony and defeat was not the source of this life and there were chances to be taken. Through mercy and grace My life was reclaimed. My heart was renewed and made whole again. 

What obstacles are you up against, my friend? Are you battling depression, are you aching inside from alcoholism? Do drugs erase the pain from the reality of life circumstance? 

Tomorrow is never promised. Today is the day to start a new path. You can turn down a new road; begin a new journey. Say no to the pain that desires you live in agony and instead choose hope for your broken heart. Your spirit may be crushed but can rise from the ashes of defeat and claim a victory over your story.

My heart was once alone. I lived in the failure of brokenness and lies. Until one day I realized that road was long and weary. One moment I heard the truth of a future full of promises and hope. I believe in new beginnings; and I believe yours starts now. Will you take the chance? Will you be brave if only for the one step forward that it takes to reclaim your future? There is purpose and a plan for you. Let us help you on your journey,

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