What if I told you there was more to this life than the day-to-day disappointments

The unknowns the constant set-backs the helpless frustrations that overwhelm 

What if there was more than just “making it” and getting by

But actually a life hopeful to see your success rather than failure

What if the world around you lifted you up instead of tearing you down

And reminded you that you are worthy of compassion and love

What If your aching heart was traded for a steady rhythm of contentment 

And the resentment misplaced for understanding and truth

What if your mind was settled with peace 

Offering sweet slumber instead of restless anticipation

What if this moment in time is a chance to redeem your story

Providing a hope and a glimpse at what could be 

What if this mistake isn’t truly a mistake at all

And the burden you think you carry is a blessing in disguise

What if you found a future fulfilled and far from your past

Healing and happiness waiting around the corner for you

What if the change you need started today 

And was only just a moment away

Would you take the first shaky step of faith 

Won’t you stop wondering what if and begin your life’s purpose now?

At Pregnancy Help Center Youngstown Ohio, we believe in you. We believe every person has a purpose. Every life has a plan. Every story worth believing in. That includes you. We love. We give. We offer hope to those in difficulty who seek out our help. Take the first step or not. Every choice is yours. #KnowYourOptions 

Pregnancy Help Center Youngstown, Ohio