I hate to admit it out loud, or even on a computer screen, but the summer is dwindling. It’s coming to a halting end as school supplies flood store shelves and pictures of “first days” begin to overtake my social media streams. How can this be? It seems like the last day of school was yesterday and the sweet scent of summertime pours through my kitchen windows with the sound of squeals as my kids run through the backyard sprinkler. Popsicle anyone?

Summertime brings with it a mix of emotions. Excitement! We throw routine like caution to the wind. But then the emotional exhaustion shows up as the melody of kids bickering and bellowing flows out of boredom. It’s called Balance. Summer has always been a favorite season of mine. The warmth of the sun brings peace to my soul and rest to my body. (Though I often find myself falling into my bed before the sun has had a chance to set.) I suppose it gives me hope every year when the harsh winter seems endlessly on my doorpost. When the blizzards wreak havoc on our streets and I can’t imagine my fingers feeling the warmth of sunshine ever again, it’s the reminder of the hot summer sounds and the taste of salty sea air that revives me. 

And so I have to beg the bigger question when I consider what draws me to this point of happiness, what really causes me to experience joy. If the sun were to set tomorrow and the heat waves gave way to wind and rain, would there still be something that would cause me to stumble from my bed every morning and smile as I sip on my reheated coffee? Maybe summer is not your flavor. Perhaps Fall is the season that stirs your soul, but when the grass withers and the flowers fade and the leaves fall to their demise before the cold and gray arrives, what deeper meaning provokes us to wake every morning with a new song on our heart or lips?

There is a purpose and a plan written on every heart including yours and mine. With promise for a future there is a reason that we wake every morning and fall to sleep every night. After the chaos that each day brings with it, we must seek the true reasoning that exists for each of us as we live out the seasons of our lives. Some seasons are easy, some seasons are hard. Sometimes we fail and often we regret; but we must move forward with great anticipation of each season to come and the hope that they hold within them. 

Do you desire to know more about joy? Can you feel the urge to know truth and happiness know matter the season your stuck in? Hope is here for the taking and transformation is just a phone call away. 

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