Look in the mirror, don’t avoid it. Don’t put a filter on it. Just look into the mirror at the masterpiece that you are. You might not believe it now, but those flaws that you see that your scrunching your nose at are a beautiful reflection of the person you were meant to be. 

Perfect is overrated. Social media is the furthest thing from the truth. Don’t fall prey to the vicious voice inside your mind telling you that you aren’t enough or you need to fix your face. The world over complicates worth. Why is that? Why do we make such unrealistic expectations and raise the bar to a standard that is nearly unreachable, then curse ourselves when we fall short? 

We must do better. We must encourage others as we walk these destructive roads and take arms with one another. Look again in that mirror. What are three attributes about yourself that you like? What are the most beautiful parts of your soul that you see that can build up yourself…or another person? What if instead of worrying so much about ourselves, we lent a voice to someone else and made them feel empowered on their daily struggle. 

At Pregnancy Help Center, we believe in your worth. You are worth far more than rubies! You are incomparable and a perfect creation just the way you are. Stop striving so hard to fit in, to be found, to be seen. And start looking for the beauty in yourself and others that the world needs so much more of. The world is a hard and ugly place. It brings out the worst in our emotions and our tempers, but it doesn’t have to. 

Let’s take a moment today to realize we are more than a picture on a mobile device. We are beautiful in our being the way we were created, and we can share a helping hand, confidence and encouragement to make the world a better place to live today. 

Challenge: When you see another woman today, in a work place, at the store – somewhere in your daily routine: give her an off-hand compliment. “I love your dress!” Or “you have a beautiful smile!” Maybe even “ you are crushing this single mom thing” .. your confidence will lift her to her highest peek. And you know what else? Joy is contagious. Once you start spreading it you won’t want to stop. 

Take a look in the mirror one-more-time. Look deeper at the woman within. I hope you hear my voice when I tell you: 

You are capable

You are Brave

You are Beautiful

And we Think you’re Crushing It!