Fall. Up in the beautiful Northeast it’s a season of change, of beauty and wonder. “The old goes away and the new comes.”……Eventually. 

Honestly, Autumn has never been a favorite season of mine. I could never understand why people relish in the idea of the warm summer months coming to a close and the brisk, blustery wind being anything to celebrate. Just like the change of season that comes whether I like it or not though, I do sense a slight change in my own personal growth of savoring the season at hand. 

I’m not sure why fall always put me into a minor state of depression. I like the sun on my skin. I like a tan and shorts and sunglasses. I do NOT like coats and gloves  and bi-polar weather that can’t make up its mind from cold mornings to hot afternoons and back to chilly by dinner time. 

However, I live here. So instead of complaining and grumbling for what seems close to 40 years like a certain group of people referenced in the Bible, (I’m looking at you Israelites) I’m a little convicted lately at my own attitude. What if I’m missing something? What if there is something in this wandering season of fall where the leaves change and the air lightens, the sky dims sooner but the stars seem to shine brighter. Maybe instead of forfeiting my chances at a lifelong summer I should start to appreciate this timeframe in my life. Could there be more? Could there be blessing in the chaos of this messy moment? 

The leaves were exceptionally beautiful this year. I’m not sure if my eyes have been opened to the reality of this season or I’m just learning to appreciate every day slightly more the older I get. Have you noticed it? 

Friend are there seasons of life that you just don’t like? Moments in time, days or months that are just depressing and frustrating? The good things about seasons is that they don’t stick around forever. At least not up here in Ohio. Even in the dreariest of days, there will be a tomorrow and a tomorrow after that. And surely the sun has to shine again someday, right?

I hope you’ll join me. Lean in to this season. Let’s make a pact to let go of the things we don’t enjoy about this moment in time, and like the leaves, prepare ourselves for a new beginning that will surely come in just a few short months ahead. Like a famous ice queen once told us all, ” Let It Go” , and step into the blessings that every season, easy, hard, near, far, dark, or light has for us. We can’t move into the best life yet if we’re still holding on to the past. 

So Pumpkin, grab yourself a seasonal coffee and let’s get busy cleaning house (and maybe our lives). The best is yet to come! 

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