We recently started a new group here at Pregnancy Help Center, have you heard of it? Maybe you’ve joined us for Talk About It Tuesday? If you haven’t made it yet to our weekly Tuesday morning session, you should plan to join us. We have some amazing teachers who guide us through some tough conversations, tough, but important. 

The idea of the group is for our clients to bring reality and let us meet you in it. We know the life so many of our girls live has been less than easy. We want you to know we care. We want you to know that many of us at Pregnancy Help Center have also walked some pretty difficult roads ourselves, and we just want to turn around and help you on yours. One of my favorite quotes paraphrased  could be: “ I love when people that have been through fire can walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire.” (Original author Stephanie Sparkles)

So tell me, what does life look like for you right now? Is it hard? Are you treading water? Do you feel like there’s no way out of the situation you’re stuck in? I’ve been there. My story might look vastly different from yours, but I’ve wandered through my own fiery flames and needed some good friends to hold my hand through the fire. I left an abusive marriage. I fought like heck for custody, and I still fight for my daughters every step of their lives. There were moments that tried to knock my down, and even when I landed there, I assumed prayer position and fought my way back up to my feet. You can too. Each woman at Pregnancy Help Center has her own story – just like you. We’re here to listen.

Tuesday’s is about you. Bring your struggles and your fears, bring your set-backs and your heartache. At Pregnancy Help Center, we  want to walk through the fire with you. Life is hard enough, don’t do it alone. So bring your questions and your thoughts, or just come and sit and be a support system to another girl going through it right now. If you don’t need a friend, be one! 

Talk About it Tuesday happens each week in the morning at Youngstown’s Pregnancy Help Center. Want to know more or sign up? Just Call! 330-788-4000 

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