For Men

Women, we encourage you to bring the father of the baby or the current man in your life when you come for your appointment. We offer Free Pregnancy Testing and Free Limited Ultrasounds to diagnose a viable intrauterine pregnancy. And a verification of a positive pregnancy test will be provided to you.

Men, we’re here for you at the Pregnancy Help Center in Youngstown, Ohio. You have questions. We have answers. She has three options if she is pregnant… parenting, abortion or adoption.  Our male staff member can sit with you and answer your questions on what those options may look like. If she’s thinking about abortion, we’ll explain what the procedure would be for where she is in her pregnancy. We’ll talk with you about what’s happening in your lives and what parenting your child will look like or about creating an adoption plan. The choices you make are ultimately between the two of you, but remember, the best decision is an informed decision.


All services at Pregnancy Help Center are provided at no cost to you.